Heaven is far far away!

Songs by Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder prompted me to calculate how long it would take to get to heaven on a space ship.

Enjoy and live in the moment!


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My Experiences with the Global Economy (and other comments)


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Oh Lawrence’s Veteran Supply stick shift van

How grown up I felt,
Delivering pizza supplies and Solo cups and pizza sauce
To places all over the city.
Our last stop Gino’s in Roseland
Was the best – always a taste before departure.
And thanks to Cousin Lawrence for teaching me to drive.

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More More Time – Discovering the endless present

Nice comments on mindfulness  – a great complement to the meditation practice I am trying to develop. The 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program done by Chris Chroniak (patterned after Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living program of the stress reduction clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center) was well worth the investment of time and energy.



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The University of Chicago MBA Experience

I forgot to include my experience at the University of Chicago receiving my MBA in marketing management back in 1975 – the 190 MBA Program was offered in evenings in a building on Delaware across from the Hancock Center. I began the program just after our second daughter was born and completed the grueling regimen in just under six years. Campbell Soup offered partial tuition reimbursement, and it seemed the right thing to do to help in future career moves. As it turned out, I graduated while in the employ of UCC and chose to stick around as long as my career was advancing – this was definitely the case.

Some memories of the MBA Program:

  • Beer and snacks being served during the first week of classes – the U of C has always been a class act!
  • Trying to do computer programs with Fortran – and the typing of IBM punch cards for data input – and the volumes of large computer printouts which resulted (sometimes). I also recall similar reams (not from me) being delivered to our UCC finance department and being stacked up in a corner until the latest version showed up and was stacked on top of the other 10 or so reams – how times have changed.
  • OK, I DID NOT LIKE Microeconomics, nor the study of the Federal Reserve System.
  • My favorite class was a sociology class taught by Judy Laws – I especially remember Tally’s Corner. This was probably why Dr. Stephan Reimelt called me a Communist as he sensed my true feelings.
  • Commuting from Campbell Soup on the South Side to the MBA program in the Loop and then back home to the North Side was my version of buses-trains-trains and buses – John Candy is missed.
  • The thrill of graduating on a fine June day at Rockefeller Chapel in Hyde Park – thanks to my wonderful wife for making it all possible!
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Oh – The Joys of Traveling on an Expense Account

I had many, many interesting experiences at various hotels/motels throughout my working career at UCC and Reimelt.

One of the most memorable was an overnight stay at a small town in Oklahoma (off the beaten path to say the least). I guess I was too stubborn to stay at a larger city location with better hotel choices, but I wanted an early start to my visit at the plant site in the morning so thus my choice near the plant.

The results are self-explanatory – see the attached PDF file.



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I Love to Cook!

Here are two of my favorite recipes:

#1 Pesto With Ricotta (just made some with my home grown basil – the ricotta adds a creamy texture)
#2 Julia Child’s Tomato Sauce (fresh tomatoes and herbs from the deck garden make it special)



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Thankfull for an Interesting and Great Career Too

Don’t get me wrong, although my last post commented on work not being the most important thing in your life, your work is an important element – especially in retrospect. I prepared the attached summary to remind myself of my good fortune – the people I have worked with added so much meaning to my life.


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2.5 Years After Retirement – Very Fortunate

Over two and a half years since retirement and I really appreciate how full my life is – family, friends and the little world around me.

While the usual mundane activities are always there, they have become sources of peacefulness. It has taken this long for me to begin separating myself from my career and the past. Although they will always be a part of me, they are no longer all of me. Giving up the false sense of importance so many things in the past represented is a process which is giving me the freedom to look at the world with an honesty and awareness I didn’t know existed.

Work is work, and only that. The most fortunate thing is that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Starting with nothing and ending with something tempers some of the materialistic drives which are fueled by the flack invading our minds at every opportunity. Stuff, stuff, more stuff, better stuff – and a sadness associated with the institutionalization of greed – there is never enough. But I am finding that there is too much – in the wrong places.

Is it OK to be cynical and a bit of a curmudgeon? I think so.

The world is not a baseball or hockey game, nor is it a spa to pamper our bodies. The world is becoming crueler, and greed in all areas of life is winning (sports madness, banking madness, Wall Street madness, narcissistic madness, me only madness, hatred madness, religious madness, political madness, etc.). Institutions are no longer working to protect the world population.

So what is my next step?

More later!

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Not yet retired 100%

OK, so when opportunity presents itself,  you either take it or leave it – I’ve decided to take it.

Keeping active in the manufacturing industry is really fun.  So anyway, here I go again doing some conceptual engineering/process work. I’ll do front end process analysis – the first project I accepted is for a major wallboard manufacturer and so far so good (a plant field trip and pulling together process flow information for a newly formulated product). I find it interesting, and that’s the key word. Also, working with a highly ethical firm (this has been the case throughout my career) is great for the self-esteem (though maybe I have an excessive amount already).

Although this sounds like a detour from my retirement, I intend to tread carefully and keep it under control.

So what to do with your time in retirement?

The feeling of freedom is new. Being raised in a working class environment, where the time clock was the boss, is ingrained in my mind. Even though I worked in professional environments most of my career, that time clock was always in the back of my mind. The guilt never went away – at least finally one day I said to myself “I’m not YET late until I’m late” – this helped somewhat.

So now there is no need for a time clock. It’s hard to get used to.

I dreamed about work a lot before retirement, and continue to do so (but not as much). The dreams were sometimes composites which included a combination of employers and settings. A typical one was having to get up in 3 hours to catch the group bus to the exhibition hall after attending the company outing for customers the night before (your jaw got tired from smiling all evening, and your gut took a lot of abuse).

The dreaming about work is less frequent, and I’m starting to calm down a bit. The health club is a blessing, and I discovered the rowing machine during my last workout (they have two machines which use water as the resistance means and it sounds like you’re rowing in a boat – clever). Finally got around to doing weights regularly; soon I’ll try Pilates and Nia (the latter sounds interesting as you dance through life and be silly). What I’ve found most interesting is how stretching makes you feel – guess I never stretched before.

Not wanting to stretch this post out any longer, bye for now.

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